A Health & Wellness
Plan for Young Adults.

A Health & Wellness Plan for Young Adults.

For less than $1 a day, Mountain pays for your essential healthcare and wellness needs. Unlike your insurance, you’ll actually use Mountain.

Mountain covers your essential health and wellness needs for less than $1/day.

There are no surprise bills.

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Why We Started Mountain

So we grew up and had to buy health insurance. We ended up with high deductible plans that didn't cover the services we frequently use, so we designed an affordable service that pays for essential healthcare and wellness needs. With high deductible plans, we were paying for most of our healthcare needs out-of-pocket, so we designed a better & affordable service.
Common Illnesses

Talk to a doctor at any time - 24/7. If you need a prescription, we'll send it to your local pharmacy.


Be present and enjoy all the benefits of meditation with a premium meditation subscription.

Urgent Care Visit

Not all things can be taken care of virtually, and sometimes you just want it done with quickly.

UTI/STI Treatment

Some things might be hard to talk about. Get treated for common STIs & UTIs in the comfort of your home.

Birth Control

Access to personal & affordable birth control. Get your birth control online with free home delivery.

Nutritionist In Your Pocket

Find the right meals, design a meal plan, and enjoy the benefits of an AI-powered nutritionist.

Oh, But There's More Tho

We get amazing offers from our partners from time to time. You'll get notifications for free services like flu shots, yoga, massages, and more.
Your Health Guide

We have a nurse available to answer all your health-related questions. Just ask away.

Flu Shot 😩

Flu season is upon us! Get a free flu shot from selected partners like Target or CVS.

Stress Reduction

Life throws a lot at us, and that's why members get free yoga passes from time to time.

How Mountain Works

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Get your first 7 days free on Mountain. No commitments, until you decide that we’re right for you.

Chat With Your Guide

Need some help? Don’t sweat it Young Skywalker. Your health guide will answer all the questions you have.

Access Services

Now that you know your way around, give us a try; whether its meditation, nutrition or sick visits. We got your back.

or $240 per year

Common Illnesses & UTIs

1 Urgent Care Visit / Year

Quick Prescription Refills

Personal Health Guide

Affordable Birth Control

Meditation Subscription

AI-powered Nutritionist

UTI/STI Treatment

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