More Health, Less Worry.

More Health,
Less Worry.

Mountain provides affordable primary healthcare for $30/month. No health insurance needed.

Mountain provides affordable healthcare for $30/month. No health insurance needed.

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Mountain Is Better

Healthcare is expensive and full of surprises. Mountain is different. Enjoy preventative care, sick visits, Women's health, virtual care, and more — all for $30/month.

Healthcare is expensive and confusing. Mountain is different. Enjoy virtual care, sick visits, preventative care, Women's health, and more — all for $30/month.

What Mountain Offers:

Urgent Care

Get care from our 1000+ partner urgent care or clinic locations without worrying about co-pays or hidden fees.

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Unlimited Virtual Care

Feeling sick and wondering what to do? Get expert guidance from a nurse in minutes.

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Women's Health

Convenient access to birth control care, UTI treatment, vaginal care, pelvic exams, and more.

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STD Testing

With an at-home test kit, you can avoid the awkwardness and discomfort of the doctor's office.

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Wellness Services Included

With Mountain membership, you get access to premium wellness services like meditation through Headspace and an AI-nutritionist.

Be present and enjoy the benefits of meditation with a premium Headspace subscription.

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Nutritionist In Your Pocket

Set a meal plan, generate grocery lists, and get the perks of an AI-powered nutritionist.

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What Our Members Saying...


Surprised that I could get my doctor’s visit and flu shot for free. $30 is a no-brainer, especially as a freelancer. Thanks Mountain!


It was easy to get my birth control online. When I had questions, the doctor was available to chat. All smiles from me.


I love how simple everything is. I used the STD test kit and got my results in a few days. No doctor’s office. Pretty cool!

Just $30/month

Unlimited Virtual Care
Chat with a nurse


Urgent Care Visit
Flu, Strep, Minor Injuries


Women's Health Visit
Birth control, UTI, Well Woman


STD Testing
Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea


Preventative Care
Flu shot, Blood sugar test etc.


Wellness Services
Nutrition, Headspace Premium


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